Reds fans getting in a Strop about Pedro

I hate social media, yet I am addicted to it. I hate the way it encourages such negativity and tolerates abuse. So will I delete the apps? Not a chance.

Pedro Strop has just signed a one-year, $1.8 million deal to join the Reds bullpen.

In 411 appearances for the Cubs, the 34-year-old has a 2.90 ERA. It would only have been 2.60 ERA had he not endured such a rough 2019.

But then again, had he not posted a 4.97 ERA last year, the Reds wouldn’t have been able to sign the right-hander for less than $2 million.

The chatter on social media barely touched on him outperforming his FIP, or a career high HR/FB% or any suggestions as to why hitters were making much more hard-contact against him, no, 90% of the comments were about his wonky cap.

I like the move. The bullpen definitely needed the boost of a veteran presence like Strop.

Hopefully, he will be able to add to his 22 postseason appearances (1.80 ERA).

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